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Congratulations go out to the following individuals, as their beers, cider's and meads have received an Honorable Mention or better.
Each of these individuals will receive recognition during the Michigan Beer Cup's awards ceremony.

The awards ceremony, presented by ????, is scheduled to start sometime in the afternoon on Sat, August 20, 2016.
See the Michigan Hombebrew Festival's website for details. (MHF Website)

Membership to the Michigan Home Brew Festival is not required , however if you wish to enjoy the beverages which the hosting clubs have to offer then a membership is required.

Please feel free to come up and join us at the festival for the afternoon, or emerse yourself in a weekend of homebrewing fun.

Entrant score sheets will not be available following the awards ceremony, Instead they will be availble electronically from the registration site. 


Aaron Sweeten
Andrew Perez
Angie Colwell
Barry Mulso
Brian Buffin
Brian Carney
Craig Roys
Daniel Fick
Dave Kowalski
David Hlavaty
David Kilgore
Denise Kruczyk
Eric Tabor
Jacob Kirkendall
Jeff Hughes
Jeremy French
Jesse Rose
Joseph Bray
Karen Robinson
Kevin Schneider
Mike Neville
Mike Nielsen
Paul Johnson
Ryan Smith
Samuel Firke
Steve Smalenberg
Tony Greening
Wayde Worley
Alan Pearlstein
Alan Wilson
Andrew Rademacher
Annie Zipser
Bob Barrett
Bob Hart
Brian LaGoe
Brian Smith
Chad Banks
Chad Mason
Cody Arnold
Colin Burton
Daniel Kukuk
Dave Armstrong
David Cohoe
Doug King
Eric Touchette
Gary Marshall
Geoff Billiu
George Turner
Isaac Trowbridge
James Bobcik
Jason Kniss
Jeffrey Kaye
Jim Satin
John Applegarth
John Mulligan
John Pegg
John Quasarano
Jose Vela
Joseph Belevender
Joseph Wiczko
Joshua Osborne
Keith Manchester
Ken Celski
Kevin Francek
Kevin Rayl
Konrad Schlenner
Kyle McAuliffe
Lee Streeter
Lyle Lash
Mark Vesel
Matthew Smylie
Melissa Edmunds
Michael Edwards
Michael Spears
Mitchell Feldpausch
Nick Haag
Patrick Mcnabb
Randy Gingrich
Ray Leenhouts
Ray Schemanske
Rob Viola
Robert Colwell
Robert Landry
Robert Schoenborn
Robert Vrabel
Shane Ison
Shawn Jubelt
Todd Hale
Tom Hartley