Competition Guidelines:

The Michigan Beer Cup Competition is open to anyone who can legally consume and make homebrew in the state of Michigan, or is a member of a AHA Sanctioned Club registered in Michigan.

All entries must have been brewed at home on a non-commercial system. Entries made at a "Brew on Premises" facility are allowed if the entrant(s) performed all the work required to make the entry, including fermentation, and bottling.

All entries conforming to the BJCP style guidelines categories 1 - 28 are welcome, and will be judged against their current BJCP guideline specification. Experimental categories will also be welcome; however these entries will be judged using a different method and will not qualify for the Best of Show judging. Please see the Competition Style Matrices for details.

All entrants must register their entries via the web site. Each submitted bottle requires an official competition form, which is generated from the registration site. All forms and checks should be affixed to the bottles using rubber bands only. Do not glue or tape the labels to the bottles.

When registering your entry, it is advised to note any co-brewers who have helped you in the crafting your entry. If you fail to name your co-brewer they will not be eligible to receive credit for their accomplishment.

You are encouraged to enter multiple entries. However, for many categories you will be only allowed to submit one item per sub-category unless otherwise noted. When adding entries into a sub-category that allows multiple entries, you must ensure that the entries are distinctly different. Be very clear to identify the fruit, honey, malt, etc which sets it apart from the entries you have already submitted. If an entry is determined to be a duplicate or is deemed too close in style to an existing entry, it will be disqualified. Please see the Competition Style Matrices for more details.

Each entry must consist of two (2) bottles from a single batch of beer, cider or mead; bottles should be amber in color, have no identifying marks and the label should be cleanly stripped off. Raised lettering on bottles is strongly discouraged, but bottles with generic raised lettering will be accepted. Caps must be plain or blacked out. Greater leniency will be given to the mead and cider categories as these bottles may be more decorative in nature, however these bottles should strive to be as generic as possible. Unique bottles will only be allowed at the discretion of the competition organizer. Failing to meet these requirements may disqualify your entry.

Bottles submitted to the competition for judging must be within a range of 10 to 22 ounces in sizes, with the exception of Meads (BJCP styles 24, 25, 26). Meads may be submitted in smaller 6 once glass bottles. However, if you are entering a Braggot it must conform the 10 to 22 ounce requirement. The minimum fill level is a mandatory requirement. Failure to do so will disqualify your entry. Please see the Competition Style Matrices for a complete list of details.

Recipes are not needed for entries. However, upon request of the organizers, winning entrants may be required to submit detailed recipes at a later time.

Payment in the form of a check should be made out to: Michigan Beer Cup. Please attach your check to one of the bottles using rubber bands only.

If you make your payment via PayPal please attach a copy of the receipt to one of the bottles using rubber bands only.

The greatest of care will be given to the entries prior to the competition, though we cannot guarantee against harm or damage. Any damages caused by the Michigan Beer Cup competition will be handled on an individual basis. Our primary goal will be to obtain a replacement for the damage entry, however if the entrant is unable to provide an additional entry then a refund will be issued.

Once an entry has been registered, it will be stored at or below cellar room temperatures prior to the judging.

Categories containing a low number of entries may be collapsed or combined at the discretion of the organizer and registrar.

The address you provide our registration site may be used to return your score sheets or awards. However, if you have indicated a club, then your score sheets and awards may be packaged together and delivered by hand or mail to your club. All sheets will be made available to you after the awards ceremony. Any sheets or prizes, which are returned back to us, will be kept for a reasonable amount of time, as we attempt to make contact. Unclaimed prizes will become the property of the Michigan Beer Cup.

Entry drop-offs begin must be received at the designated drop-off points prior to the close of registration. Late entries may be considered at the discretion of the competition registrar or competition organizer.

All entries submitted to the Michigan Beer Cup competition become property of the Michigan Beer Cup, and will not be returned. Entries failing to comply to these guidelines can and will be disqualified. Disqualified entries will not be issues reimbursement of monies paid to the competition.